2015 kicks off with spain!

It's heavy winds and cold in Sweden at the moment, rain and almost no sun at all. We're in the middle of the grey Swedish winter... In less than 2 months the season kicks off in Belgium and I do need my hours in january. That's why it was an easy decison to take a last minute trip to Spain when i got the opportunity to join Tilina Levin and Hanna Helamb to Torrevieja. So tonight I'm off to Spain for 10 days with (hopefully) tons of sun! It might not be as warm as gran canaria at this point but it's way better than what I've got at home. 
When I get home again it's for 5 whole days, only to work 3 of them, before I leave for Limoux again with most of my teammates in Matrix! Time to collect all those january hours! Keep an eye out here for blogs about my bikefit in december among other things. 
Happy girl at new years!

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