torre del mar, spain

We're in the end of january and I am back home after the first trip of 2016. A two and a half week long training camp in Torre del mar outside Malaga in Spain. I joined the Swedish rider Hanna Helamb and my Danish former teammate Christina Siggaard to get some proper hours in, in the sun. We had amazing cycling weather with between 16-21 degrees everyday and not one meter in rain! Even more perfect thinking about the weather in Sweden with down to -20degrees where I live and snow snow snow!
I had 3day blocks and started up with pure endurance training to get used to the air and difference in tempature. My body really needed to wake up and it wasn't until the second block and first day of intervals that it felt better. The training went really well and all according to plan witch was a relef to me since it was quite a hard program. I knew that if my body could take that, it would be exactly the kick I need a month before the races starts. 
Now that Im back in Sweden, back on my monark (stationary bike) and looking at the numbers I can really see that I am stronger than before Spain. It's really nice to feel the progress and getting more and more confidence. I am really looking forward to getting a test done in next week to see exactly where I am at. The races are getting closer and I am for sure starting to think about what form I am going to have in the beginning of the season. It's a little bit special, not racing in almost one year and to know you'll be at the startline very soon! Exciting times!
Don't forget to pop in VoxWomen to see my training diary videos every now and than, here's a link to the last one and a new one from the end of my camp is soon up on the web as well.