changes and confidence

The new year is almost here and I can tell you no one is happier than me. 2015 has been one of the hardest years so far as you might have guessed but all my focus is forward and on my goals for 2016. In many ways this illness filled year has been a positive thing for me though. First of all, my motivation and determination is back for real and stronger than it has been before. During every ride and every training I see clearly where I want to be.
This has made me think one step further and during the summer I decided to change a lot of things around me, if it's gonna be possible to reach my very high goals for 2016 I have to make every little thing I can right. Everything from training, my envirement to the financial bits. 
I started to look at everything in a bigger picture and had a few clear things I needed to change. First of all my training. I had to make sure I get the most out of the training I do to have a chance to reach my goals already in 2016 after half a year more or less of the bike. I knew I wasn't gonna be able to ride as many hours as I wanted becouse that could get me back to the illness again. I needed to make the training as effective as possible. As I started to think about these things I had an importent conversation with an old friend about the past year and things that was quite negative for me. For example, when I started to feel something was wrong with my body in early march people around me started telling me I was just in bad shape. I was gonna get better longer in to the season and even though I knew I was in better shape than ever before I somehow listend to them. Kept training and went on. Til that wall hit and I ended up at the hospital. I have learned quite alot to be honest and this friend of mine made me realise I needed someone in my life that I can really trust. Someone who can follow me, my training and tell me when something is wrong. Make my training effective and smart.
This friend of mine is Richard Larsén, silver medalist at the Swe champs RR this year. He is working with a company that makes tests and training programs for athletes and at the same time studing in this area. He is one of the few people I know I can always trust. I am super happy to now have him as a coach!!
Another thing was ofcourse finding a team. Which I have already made a blog about. I have now met my new teammates and I am confident it will be a nice year with these people. But as a Swedish rider you also need a Swedish club to ride for. This is something I've had to look at as well. When in Sweden riding and racing (even though it's not going to be often) I had to look at the best option for me to make sure I have the best support I can have. Therefore I will ride for Höllviken CK in 2016!
These are some of the things I have changed for next year and things Im very happy for. I am confident in all the choises I have made and in myself. The determination is right where it should, in 2 months and a few days Im back racing again and I can't wait! Bring on 2016!!