happy new year!♥

As you may see, there has been some changes here on the blog, fresh new design which wasn't a moment too soon. Hope you like it! As you also can see, from now on I'll write in English as I've been asked many times to do so and since I'm part of a team from the UK in just a few hours, I would say it's perfect timing. I apologize now for misspellings and possibly bad grammar! ;)

The past few days I've gone back in time and thought about how my year really has been. It's been a very eventful year where I've learned so much, which was my biggest goals in 2014. I also had the goal to get a medal at the Swedish championship, it didn't quite go by plan in the road race but I got my revenge in the criterium where I went solo and won my first title as elite. My final goal was to be a part of the Swedish team at the World Championships in Ponferrada and also the TTT with Hitec, which both became reality. An amazing experience indeed!

I've gotten to know so many amazing people during the year and had such incredible support from my loved ones through a lot of tough moments but have also been sharing lots of happy days with you guys. I want to thank every single one who has been part of my 2014, either it's been a big or small part. A special thanks to my Hitec ladies, I really had a great year with you and I've got some great new friends!♥

Tomorrow is a new year, I'm part of a new team and a new season kicks off in about two months. I get so incredibly happy when I think of all that awaits in 2015, I have a great feeling about what lies ahead and Im gonna have a fantastic team around me. Let's leave all that's been negative in 2014, take the positive with us and let 2015 begin! Happy new year everybody!♥♥

Ending a great year with one HAPPY pic, a real highlight from 2014!

See you next year, ciaoo!