team inpa bianchi giusfredi

So, team news for next year is out and as you might have already seen I will be joining the italian UCI-team Inpa Bianchi Giusfredi! As Matrix is heading in a new direction and steping down from being an UCI team to focus on development I had to look elsewhere. As I haven't been able to race more than 3 uci races in 2015 I knew it was a difficult task to find a team believeing in me enough to dare to sign me for 2016 after the year I've had and with the world tour coming up it's been a difficult thing for a lot of girls with teams going for points. I am super happy to have all the people who sees my potential and always believes in me and it's that kind of people and support I am trying to surround myself with. When I got in contact with the team I directly felt it was something there, it all went down in a few days and Im really glad for the opportunity they are giving me to get back to my best again! I hope that support will be a key to a succesful year.
My season will be based more or less in Toscany in the team house. It's an amazing area with beautiful mountains and all I will be needing and that will be an importent part in my way back as well. My main goals for next year is from end of june (nationals) and for the second part of the season with the olymics as the biggest one to get sellected to. It's a big goal but I am very focused and motivated to reach the form I need til than. The spring will be an importent period preparing for my goals and I am very excited to get started on 2016 already! It will be hard work, but I am prepared for that.
Bring it on!!
I also wanna send Matrix Pro Cycling and everyone involved -sponsors, staff,the girls -a big thank you for the chance I got with you and Im sad I didn't get to spend the summer with you guys! You did a great year and I wish you all the best of luck for the future.