training camps, spain & france

Season 2015 is just around the corner and the last weekend before nieuwsblad is coming up. I've had a great start of the year kicking it off with 10 days in Spain, where i got lots of sun, hours and smiles with Tilina. She really is a great friend to go on training camp with, there's no problem having either fun or perfect trainings in her company. So thanks girl for that!
After Spain I had 5 days in Sweden where I had absolutly no time over. 3 days of work + training and a weekend, also filled with training and seeing friends and family.
Than it was time to see my team mates down in France again. How I have been looking forward to that! We got 2 great weeks filled with good training and ofcourse a couple of smiles. ;) I did have some struggles with a small illness from the travel but could train it away and only had to adjust the training a tiny bit becouse of it.
We got some TTT training done and some great days in the hills. The weather wasn't super but with a few degrees warmer than Sweden, DRY roads and no snow I was a happy girl. Also only 2 days with rain and I had no problem going inside for those days to get my intervalls done. Must say it's the perfect place for training with our DS Chris giving us such great opportunities to stay at his place in Limoux. There's everything you can wish for and we even stay 50m from the square so there's no problem getting out of the house and have a coffie in the afternoon, which means you don't have to watch the same four walls all day after trainings. I really can't wait to see the area in summer times, I bet it's even more fantastic than!
Now I've been at home in Sweden for two weeks and I have this great feeling of balance and calmness inside, I am super excited about kicking off this season with my Matrix ladies and I'm sure we are gonna make a lot of great things in the coming months. Bring it on!